Q: Do you ship international?
Q: Should I replace my ISP modem with a store bought one?
Q: Does your product block filter bypass tools like Puffin and Ultrasurf?
Q: Do your producs work with Satellite ISPs?
Q: Are you reselling open source software?


BUC Router:

Q: What's included in the box when I order?
Q: What else do I need?
Q: What do I need to configure to make the BUC Router work?
Q: How do I unblock a website that is blocked?
Q: Do I need to install any software or browser add-ons?
Q: I have both Mac and Windows computers on my network. Will I be able to use the BUC Router with both operating systems?
Q: What is your definition of "pornography?"
Q: Will the BUC Router slow down my network connection to the Internet?
Q: What if I want to block more than just pornography?
Q: How is the BUC Tools filter different from software Parental Controls solutions such as NetNanny?
Q: How do I block a website that is not blocked by default?
Q: How is the BUC Tools filter different from DNS based Parental Conrols solutions?
Q: Can the BUC Router even filter traffic for wireless computers?
Q: Why is there a subscription?
Q: Will the BUC Router work without the subscription?
Q: Can I use the BUC Router to block all websites except for the ones that I approve of?
Q: Is the BUC Router more cost effective than Software parental controls?
Q: I don't know much about computers, will I be able to easily use and configure the BUC Router?
Q: What is the difference between the BUC Router and a router with parental controls?
Q:What are daily Internet activity logs?

BUC Web Filter:

Q: What's the difference between building a whitelist on the BUC Router vs the Web Filter Editor?
Q: Why isn't the term 'bikini' blocked?

General Troubleshooting:
Q: Windows 8 wireless keeps disconnecting.
Q: Does the Shellshock bug affect BUC Tools products?









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