Example scenario: How to allow websites through a search term filter.



All BUC products block pornogographic websites and search terms out of the box, but the more subjective terms like 'breast' or 'ass' are not. You can easily block these terms and more by following this guide: How to block additional search terms.

However issue is that blocking many search terms will break websites. For example, if you block the search term 'ass' then any string in a URL that matches 'ass' will get blocked.  This is a URL string from a Google search for 'cat':


If 'ass' shows up anywhere in this URL, or any other URL the page is blocked. This is a relatively small URL string. As you can see the odds of breaking a website grows as you build a list of blocked search terms.

To resolve or avoid miss-blocked sites due to the search_term_filter you can create a website whitelist rule.

How to allow websites through the search_term filter:

  1. Log into your BUC appliance:
  2. Go to Firewall, the Restrictions
  3. Under Exceptions (White List)
    • Description: allow_websites
    • Applies to: [you decide]
    • Schedule: [you decide]
    • Permitted Resources: un-check
      • Website URL(s): Permit Only
        • Domain Contains: ebay.com
        • Domain Contains: amazon.com
        • etc.
      • ​Add New Rule
    • ​Save Changes​​




Q: Is it possible to whitelist pornographic websites?

A: No, this is not possible.