How to access your BUC Router remotely.






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All BUC customers get a DDNS address with subscription.  DDNS = Dynamic Domain Naming Service and it's useful for easily accessing your home network remotely.
Your BUC DDNS ID is your [BUC ID]  If your BUC ID is JDOE, then your DDNS address will be
It works like this, your ISP periodically changes your WAN IP (some more than others) for various reasons, and this is called Dynamic IP Addressing, i.e. you have a Dynamic IP from your Internet Service Provider (ISP).  So if you wanted to access your home network remotely you would need to know that IP and keep track of when it changed.  DDNS solves this problem by allowing you to use a friendly, non changing name like instead of a dynamically changing IP address.
To access your BUC Router remotely first you'll need to enable remote access. If your BUC router is chained off another router

How to enable remote access on your BUC Router:

Part 1: Enable Remote Web Admin Access
  1. Log into your BUC appliance at
  2. Go to System > Status
  3. On this status page look for the WAN IP Address. If the WAN IP Address starts with '10.' , '192.168.', or '172.' then the WAN IP is private, and you'll need to complete Part 3 below because your BUC router is chained off another router.
  4. Go to System > Router Access
  5. Tap Remote Web Admin Access and select HTTP
  6. Set the Remote HTTP port to 8080
  7. Save Changes
Part 2: Access your BUC appliance remotely
Now you can open a browser and type in the following URL to log in and manage your BUC appliance remotely:
  • http://[your BUC ID]
​Part 3: Forward Remote Admin Port (only needed if your WAN IP is private - see Step 1, #3)
  1. Log into your BUC appliance at
  2. Go to System > Status
    • Write down the WAN IP Address
    • Write down the WAN Gateway IP
  3. ​Now open your browser to http://[WAN Gateway IP] - this is the router the BUC router is attached to, i.e. your primary router (usually your ISPs router/modem)
  4. Once logged into your primary router go to Port Forwarding and forward port 8080 to the BUC router's WAN IP address your wrote down

Updated: 4/5/15


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