How to assign a friendly name to an IP address.



An essential step in using the BUC Router to easily managing the devices on your network will be to assign these devices an easy-to-recognize name and IP address.  

How to assign a friendly name and IP to a device:

  1. Once you've logged into your BUC Router go to Connections, and then DHCP.
  2. Optional: If you haven't already done so, follow our How-to on identifying an unknown device.
  3. Under Static IPs you'll see three blank boxes and under this a drop down you can click that will give you a list of connected devices.  Select the one you want to assign a name to (one at a time).
    • Change hostname to something you will easily recognize like Playstation, or XBOX or iPad, etc.
    • Optional: change the IP field to something that's easy to remember like
      • Note: no 2 IPs can be the same.
  4. Add
  5. Save Changes
  6. Reboot the device you just assigned a friendly name and IP to.
Now when you look under Status, Connected Hosts you'll see the device you just named. Now you can easily apply rules to this device, and view its Web usage.