How to block additional search terms.



All BUC products provide two layers of search term filtering:  layer 1 blocks all hard core pornographic search terms, and variations of them. However the more subjective terms like 'sex', 'breasts' or 'bikini' are not blocked by default in all situations. 
Layer 1 is a default and cannot be changed (or disabled).  Layer 2 is managed on your BUC appliance, and any search term blocked here supercedes (although never conflicts with)  Layer 1 rules. Layer 2 is where you can add additional search terms like 'sex', etc.
NOTE: as of v2.0 of the BUC appliance Management Utility a search_term_filter is enabled by default. All you need to do now is simply add or remove terms from the existing filter. Although is most situations this is not needed anymore.

How to edit the default search_term_filter:

  1. Log into your BUC appliance at
  2. Go to Firewall, then Restrictions
  3. Edit the search_term_filter
    • ​​Delete a term by clicking Remove
    • Add a term by selecting:
      • Full URL Contains: [term you want to block]
      • Add
    • Close and Apply Changes
Legacy, how to create a key word filter from scratch.

Note that blocking 'sex' will also block 'sexting'.  Blocking 'tor' will also block any URL with 'tor' in it.  The point is be very selective about what words you want to filter. How to allow websites through a search_term_filter

Finally, when a page is blocked via the search_term_filter the page will error out with "The connection was reset". 





















































How to create a key new word filter on your BUC appliance:

  1. Open a browser (FireFox, Chrome, IE, etc) to
  2. Go to Firewall
  3. Go to Restrictions
  4. Under Access Restrictions:
    • Rule Description: key_word_filter
    • Rule Applies To: All Hosts
    • Un-check All Network Access:
      • Website URL(s): Block Only
        • Full URL contains: bikini
        • Full URL contains: sex
        • Full URL contains: breasts
        • etc...
  5. Add New Rule
  6. Save Changes