How to clear browser cache.

The browser cache, sometimes also referred to as the temporary Internet files folder, contains files from web sites you've visited. All modern web browsersmaintain a cache of files for one important reason - faster display of web pages the next time you open those web sites. Thus, instead of being retrieved from the online web server  (the computer that hosts the web site) each time, the files are picked from the browser cache (on your computer) which speeds up the display of the web page.
Most of the time clearing your browsers cache will resolve problems you might having with a website. Sometimes a reboot is required. The general rule of thumb is try clearing the browser cache first, then reboot your device if that doesn't work.
  1. Tools
  2. Clear Recent History..
Safari on OSX:
  1. Safari
  2. Empty Cache...
  1. Choose the wrench in the upper right corner
  2. Tools
  3. Clear browser data...
Internet Explorer - all versions
  1. Tools
  2. Delete browser history
  1. Tools
  2. Interent Options
  3. Delete.. 
  1. Settings
  2. Safari
  3. Clear History