How to create a white-list Internet access rule.




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With a BUC appliance you can create a rule that that will block access to all websites except ones you approve, and this rule can be applied to single or multiple devices, and on a schedule..
We need to create two rules for this to work:
  1. Block access to all websites except the ones in your whitelist
  2. Block remote HTTPS port
Rule 1. Create a Firewall > Restriction rule:
  1. Log into your BUC appliance at
  2. Go to Firewall > Restrictions
  3. Create a new rule:
    • Rule Description: whitelist_only (for example)
    • Rule Applies To: Only the Following Host
    • Uncheck All Day
    • ​Uncheck Every Day
    • Uncheck All Network Access
      • Website URL(s): Block All Except
        • Domain contains:
        • Domain contains:
        • Add New Rule
      • Save Changes​​​
Example of rule 1:

Rule 2: Create a SSL Secure Socket Firewall > Restriction

  1. Log into your BUC Router at
    Go to Firewall > Restrictions
  2. Create a new rule:
    • Rule Description: whitelist_only_https
    • Rule Applies To: Only the Following Hosts
      • Same host as in rule 1
    • Uncheck All Day
    • ​Uncheck Every Day > check appropriate days
    • Uncheck All Network Access
      • Remote Port(s): Block All Except - 80
      • Add New Rule
    • Save Changes​​​
Rule 2 example:
Updated: 5/22/15




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