How to increase wireless signal strength.




All BUC routers have solid wireless capabilities; however, if your iNet seems slow try running your speed test next to your BUC appliance. If this fixes your issue, i.e. the speed results dramatical improve then  wireless signal strength is the issue. This can be fixed.

If you are dropping wireless packets however (i.e. ping is failing) your iNet slowness problem is either firmware or hardware related. Go here for the solution.

Default BUC appliance max indoor range:

  • BUC-BOX = 100 ft.
  • BUC Router = 300 ft.
  • BUC Router Pro = 1300 ft.

NOTE: If you have a BUC router you cannot upgrade your wireless signal because the antenna is internal. If you are interested you can upgrade to a Pro by submitting an upgrade request (cost is $25 plus shipping one way, we pay for return shipping).

The following add-on antenna's will noticeably improve your BUC appliance wireless strength:

  • TP-Link TL-ANT20408CL ($8.00 on AMZN).
    • For the BUC-BOX get only ONE
    • For the BUC PRO get THREE to start
  • TP-Link TL-ANT2048C ($15.00 on AMZN)
    • For the BUC-BOX get ONE
    • For the BUC Router PRO you could start at one and work up to THREE
  • TP-Link TL-ANT2409A ($23.00 on AMZN)
    • For the BUC-BOX get only ONE
    • For the BUC Router PRO you could start at one and work up to THREE



Updated: 3/9/15