How to log into the BUC Router.



From home you can log into your BUC Router by opening your browser (FireFox, Chrome, IE, etc) to  You will be asked for your password which is by default 'password' unless you changed it.  If you have forgetten your BUC Router password go here for recovery instructions.  Watch video.
Away from home (i.e. remotely) you can log into your BUC Router by opening your browser (FireFox, Chrome, IE, etc) to http://[your BUC ID]  So for example, if your BUC ID is JSMITH, then your remote DDNS ID will be, and you can always find your BUC Router from anywhere in the world by going to  However, for remote log in to work you first need to enable remote access on your BUC Router:
  1. While connected to the BUC Router, browse to
  2. Go to System, and then Router Access.
  3. Look for Remote Web Admin Access: and change to HTTP.
  4. Set the Remote HTTP Port: to 8080
  5. Save Changes.
Remote Log in FAQs:
Q: Can I use a different Remote Admin Port?
A: Yes, anything over 8000.
Q:  Can I use HTTPS instead of HTTP?
A: Yes, but HTTPS is problematic with some browsers because the SSL cert is self signed (alhtough it's still secure) and browsers will complain.  HTTP always works, just set a good BUC Router password.