How to resolve the Google captcha / error page.



NOTE: this is resolved in firmware v2.2 and later.

We all randomly receive the following error page from Google:

This Google captcha is a symptom of our Web filtering service, and not malware on your network.  The captcha usually appears when you do a search from the URL bar of a browser instead of the sanctioned search field.

Why do they happen? We're not exactly sure since Google isn't forthcoming about what triggers the captcha, however we know that malicious traffic or too much traffic from a single source are potential triggers. However we have always randomly received these captchas since they started over two years ago, even when we had no customers i.e. no malicious / heavy traffic.

Interim solution: enter the captcha text to continue using Google.

TIP: Click 'submit' until you get an easy to read captcha.

Updated: 11/23/14