How to schedule Internet access times.




For this example we will schedule the Internet to be disabled for a single PC betweek the hours of 11 PM - 8 AM, Sunday - Thursday.
  1. Log into your BUC Router at
  2. Go to System, then Time
    • Make sure your TimeZone is correct
  3. Now go to Firewall, then Restrictions
  4. Under Access Restrictions:
    • Rule Description: [ex:inet_access_off_mon_thur]
    • Rule Applies to:
      • ​All hosts = all devices on your network
      • All hosts except = all devices but this one
      • Only the following hosts = only this device
    • Schedule: uncheck All Day...
    • Uncheck Every Day and select your days
    • Restricted Resources: Leave All Network Access checked
  5. Add new rule
  6. Save Changes































Military Time Chart: