How to test if the BUC Web Filter is working.




You can quickly verify the BUC Web Filter (BFW) is working by doing one of the following:
  1. Go to and search for 'abcd1234'. If BUC Web Filtering is active you will be redirected to
  2. Go to and try to open any link uder the Adult section.
  3. Try to search for an objectionable term on Google, Bing, Ask, YouTube, eBay,, etc.
    • ​​The search will immediately fail if the BWF is working.​​
What to do if these tests fail:
Note that if any one of the above work then the BWF is working and you are prbably having a caching issue - reboot everything in line to the Inernet --> ISP modem/router, BUC Router, PC, and run the test again.
If all the test fail: 
  1. Log into your BUC Router at
  2. Go to Connection
  3. Click on Update BUC Servers
  4. Reboot your PC device to clear local caches
  5. Run test again
If all this fails please e-mail support, or call 888-727-3018.