How to update your BUC Router firmware.




Download latest firmware.

How to update your BUC appliance firmware:

NOTE: We recommend doing this update whith an ethernet patch cable connected to a BUC router LAN port because the update will turn off wireless. See step 6 below.

  1. If you have custom settings you would like to keep, back up your existing settings.
  2. Download the latest firmware for your BUC appliance from here.
  3. Log into your BUC appliance at  the default
  4. Go to System
    • Browse to the firmware downloaded in step 2
    • If you have custom settings you would like to keep check Attempt to Preserve Settings
    • Upgrade Now
  5. Waite about 5 minutes, and when works in your browser, and asks for a log-in the upgrade is complete
    • ​​Log back in with 'password'
      • Enter a new password
      • Enter your BUC ID (it's labeled under your BUC appliance)
      • Set your time zone
      • Save Settings
  6. Now go to Connections and enable wireless:
    • Wireless mode: Access Point (AP)
    • Access Point SSID: [the name of your wireless network]
    • Encryption: WPA PSK
    • Password: [what's needed to join your wireless network]
    • Save Changes
​​That's it.
Watch this short video to see how the upgrade works.
Note this video was for the BUCRv1.2 upgrade, but the steps are the same.
In the video we are connected to the BUC router via an ethernet patch cable.


























Firmware Updates:

 Latest Build updated 2/4/15: BUCRv2.2 firmware - Good for all BUC routers!

Download v2.2:

​NOTE: v2.2 uses Google SafeSearch VIP which works great and is supported by all Google services, but removes the ability to block additional search terms, block image search, or monitor search terms.

​Download v2.0

​NOTE: v2.0 uses Google which has been depreciated by SafeSearch VIP. Note that BUCRv2.0 still works but with caveats. V2.0 does allow for additional search term blocking, image search blocking and search term monitoring.

Firmware History:

  • BUCRv2.2 - Current
    • Google SafeSearch VIP
    • Fixed YouTube bug that prevented videos from playing properly
    • Added Plugins feature
    • Resolves Google Captcha's
  • BUCR v2.1 - added 1.25.15. 
    • Fixed YouTube not always in SafeMode
    • Fixed Google Voice not working on Android
    • Added new filters for various IPs and domains
  • ​BUCR v2.0 - NOTE: use this build if you want to block Google images, and monitor / block search terms (however, see caveats)
    • Added ability to secure admin access to BUC UI
  • BUCR v1.2 - BUC Router only
    • Fixed internal LAN networking issue.​
  • BUCR v1.1 - BUC Router only
    • Added ability to enable / disable remote support.
    • Added new logo.
    • Changed log in format.























Our BUCRv2.0 firmware impliments Google's DNS / CNAME method to remove SSL encryption (HTTPS) from their search engine. Google made this method available so that individuals/schools/companies could apply URL filtering to globally enforce SafeSearch, and block additional search terms. Unfortunately in October 2014 Google stopped supporting nosslsearch method, and replaced it with the SafeSearch VIP method. 

The SafeSearch VIP method enforces SafeSearch on Google very well, but does not strip away the HTTPS encryption layer which blocks URL filtering i.e. no search term filtering or monitoring, and no Google image search blocking anymore on Google.

Howver - if you need these features (block Google images / search term filtering & monitoring) the BUCRv2.0 firmware works great, and removes the HTTPS layer from Google search *only* which allows the use of URL filters and monitoring tools, but it has some issues because it's not supported by Google anymore. 

Known issues with BUCRv2.0:

  1. When logged into any Google service (like Gmail for example) YouTube SafeMode will not be enforced

  2. Google captcha's - you will continue to get these occasionally.

  3. Google Now / Voice will not work on IOS/ Android devices.

​Note that this firmware does not change how the BUC Web Filter works with any other site, it only affects how Google SafeSearch in enforced.

If you have questions call BUC Tech Support: 888-727-3018


Updated: 3/13/15


SafeSearch VIP


About SafeSearch Virtual IP address (VIP)

The enforcement of SafeSearch VIP will force all users on your network to use SafeSearch on Google Search while still allowing a secure connection via HTTPS. The VIP in SafeSearch VIP refers to a Virtual IP which is an IP address that can be routed internally to multiple Google servers.

When SafeSearch VIP is turned on you will see a notification the first time you go to Google; this will let them know that SafeSearch is on.

SafeSearch VIP can be used as part of a comprehensive internet safety policy by parents and schools; this is part of keeping our youth secure while limiting their access to adult content at home/school.

Using SafeSearch VIP will not affect other Google services outside of Google Search.

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