How to use the Wireless MAC Filter.




The Wireless MAC Filter (WMF) gives you the ability to block or allow devices on your network from joining the wireless network. 

For example, lets say your BUC appliances wireless network name / SSID is 'bucrtr'. Using the WMF you can manage what devices can or cannot join the bucrtr Wireless network to access the Internet.

Q: What is a MAC address

A: Computers talk to each other using packets of information. These packets find their destination using TCP/IP addresses. A unique TCP/IP address is assigned to each device's unique MAC address either manually or via DHCP.

How to block or allow devices from joining your BUC appliance wireless network:

  1. Make sure the device(s) you want to allow are turned on and connected to your wireless network
  2. Log into your BUC appliance at
  3. Go to Status and then Connected Hosts
    • If you don't see the devices you want to manage, or you can't figure out which ones are which see this how-to guide
    • Write down (or cpy / paste into notepad) the Host MACs
  4. Now go to Connection and scroll down to the Wireless section
    • Enable Wireless MAC Filter:
      • Allow Only MACs Listed Below
        • Enter MAC address
          • Add
        • Save Changes
      • Deny Only MACs Listed Below
        • Enter MAC address
          • Add
        • Save Changes




Updated 11/28/14 16:28