How to whitelist a website.



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There are two places you can whitelist (or allow) a website, even if it is blocked:

  1. From your My Account page at, via the Web Filter Settings.
    • NOTE: websites whitelisted here are allowed for everyone.
  2. From your BUC appliance at, via Firewall > Restrictions.
    • NOTE: websites should only be whitelisted here when using device specific Firewall > Restrictions.

General Rule: Always whitelist a website using option # 1 unless you are creating device specific Firewall > Restrictions.

1.  How to whitelist from your My Account page:

  1. Log in and look for Web Filter Settings
  2. Click on Whitelist / Blacklist Editor
    • Under Add Whitelist Rule enter:
      • Ends with:
      • Add Rule
    • Save Changes

That's it, in about 10 - 20 minutes the site should start working for you (more info on how long it takes).

  • Ends with (E)=  enter the last part of the website domain name. Example, let's say you want to allow, simply add '' to your whitelist.
  • Must match exactly (M) =  the domain name of exact-match entires can start with a wildcard character (* meaning "all sub-domains". The wildcard character can only be used as the first character and only when immediately followed by a period(.) and a host name. The difference between an ends-with-domain (E) entry and a wildcard exact-match entry is that E entries match the domain name itself whereas M entries do not (only sub-domains).

2.  How to whitelist on your BUC appliance: See example.




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How long does it take

The site is unblocked almost immediately, but may not manifest (i.e. the website might not be available) for up to 30 minutes, or longer on some Operating Systems (O/S). This is due to your device's O/S caching the blocked page so that although the page is unblocked on the server, your browser keeps showing our block page. To expedite the Whitelist process you can:

  1. Reboot your device to force caches to clear
  2. Manually clear your browsers cache, and reboot
  3. If it's still not showing try a different browser (like FireFox, Chrome, IE, etc).