What to expect...

Out of the box the BUC Router will make your Internet mostly clean from x-rated objectionable content, and block known methods and apps used to bypass filtering. Objectionable websites and search terms will be blocked. eBay.com, Backpage.com, and Craigslist.org cleansed to be family safe. Search Engines (Google, Bing, Ask,etc) will always be in Strict SafeSearch mode including YouTube.com.

In addition you will have 24/7 protection against Web based malware and phishing attacks, with regular firmware updates to address new threats and add new features.

BUC products remove pornographic content by default, but the more subjective content (ex: victoriassecret.com, hooters.com..., search terms: bikini, breasts...) you will need to address, and we provide the tools and guides to do it.

Five areas of Internet content, how the BUC Router addresess them, and where you might want to take action:

  1. Search Engines will always be in Strict Safe Mode or blocked if we can't apply filtering. You have the option of un-blocking.
  2. Search terms will be filtered on all Search Engines, and eBay.
    • We block the obvious bad terms (porn, boobs, etc). The more subjective terms you need to block (How2).
  3. General Websites are always filtered: pornography, torrents, phishing, malware related websites.
    • You can add more content via categories (How2).
  4. Service related websites that host objectionable content along with good content - you'll need to block these at your discretion (How2):
  5. Very popular public websites:
    • Craigslist.org/com = Family Safe
    • Backpage.com = Family Safe
    • Wikipedia.org = Family Safe [added 1/30/15]

TIP: Use the Web Usage Monitor to see what someone is doing - in real time - on your Internet. The WUM will tell you what apps are being used on mobile devices, what websites are being accesses, and what search terms are being used. 

Daily operations - the BUC Router has two layers of filtering to protect WAN and LAN, and each layer has it's own controls:

  1. BUC Web Filter - these setting affect everyone on your network:
    • Block or allow individual websites
    • Block categories of websites
    • Sign up for daily activity logs
    • Cancel / renew subscription
    • Manage account
  2. BUC Router - where you manage the devices on your network:

Both can be managed by logging into your My Account page.

TIP: Learn how to quickly verify the BUC Router is doing it's job.

That's about it. Don't forget to stop by the How-to Guides.
Drop us a note if you have any questions, feedback, websites you want reviewed, etc.